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Stonebridge Family Counseling is a Professional Association of Counselors licensed by The State of Texas providing Quality Counseling for the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma area. Their office is located at 2524  East FM 691 in Sherman, TX. 75090 (directly across from the Red Cross building). Their phone number is 903-893-6010.

Everyone experiences stress or difficulty in life. Most people can benefit at some point from counseling. Counseling has the ability to make you more aware of your own patterns, prevent you from feeling isolated, bring you into greater psychological fitness, and strengthen your understanding of yourself. Counseling can help repair relationships, bring clarity of thought and vision, and resolve long-standing issues and problems.


Therapy is a cooperative effort between counselor and client. It is work. It can be difficult; but it is an investment in your future and can result in life-altering changes which can help you experience the life that you deserve. Some problems can be addressed successfully in a relatively short time, while others require more work. Do not put off resolving your personal or work problems any longer. Do not suffer in silence. Let us help you regain a state of balance and joy back into your life.

The counselors at Stonebridge Family Counseling bring knowledge, credentials, skill, compassion and Christian values to assist you in your success. They work with many issues including but not limited to:

Marriage and Family Counseling

Relationship Enhancement

Trauma (Including Abuse or Assault Related Issues)

Eating Disorders
Grief and Bereavement
Child and Adolescent Issues
Illness and Disability Issues
Mood Disorders
Stress Management

Crisis Intervention



Assertiveness & Self-Esteem


With the divorce rate exceeding the marriage rate, Stonebridge Family Counselors believe strongly that premarital counseling for the newly engaged couple can help prepare them for a long and successful marriage. They are also certified critical incident response therapists who go onsite to assist employers in providing immediate mental health first aid to their employees. In addition, they can provide workshops on mental health and wellness in the workplace.

Stonebridge Family Counselors are not new to mental health. They have over 32 years experience in various settings. They have been practicing in Sherman for 15 years. They accept clients age 5 and older including the adult and geriatric years. They accept private pay clients and are on most major insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. They also accept Visa and Mastercard. They encourage you to contact their office. They can arrange for an office appointment, or schedule an alternative counseling method by using telephone counseling or email therapy. If they are in a session when you call, leave your name and number and they will call you back promptly.

They can provide a rewarding and safe opportunity for you to regain control of your life, recover from past adversity and move forward.