What To Expect

Sessions last from 45 to 55 min. For your first session you should arrive 10 min early to fill out paper work. The number of sessions will depend on your particular situation. You and your therapist will set treatment goals.

The therapist at Stonebridge Family Counseling use a collaborative approach in which they work together to resolve the problems and issues that are standing in the way of you moving forward in your life as you would like to. Sometimes this is a matter of learning new skills, such as assertiveness, communication skills, or learning ways to deal with emotions. You may be repeating old patterns that you want to change; you may feel stuck. 

Sometimes you may need to unload 'baggage' from your past that you are still carrying around. This may be losses from last year or bad experiences from your childhood - in either case, unless dealt with, they can continue to affect you years later in the form of low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety. You may also have problems due to the fact that you missed out on some important things in your early life. 

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming at any age, life stressors become difficult to deal with. Changes can effect all ages.

In therapy, we can look at concerns in your life today, and also deeper issues to resolve the roots of these problems in your past. Work in the past is always in the service of the present and future. What we do in your therapy depends upon your particular situation. 

We can assist you in:

1. Seeking and believing in yourself

2. Strengthening and expanding of both inner resources and outside resources

3. Learning new skills

4. The deepening of self-awareness

5. The healing of wounds 

The therapeutic relationship is an important part of your therapy, and so we strive to listen carefully with both our heads and our hearts.